Mike Strand is a web and mobile developer in Seattle, WA.

My primary toolset includes Ruby on Rails 4 and Objective-C. GitHub and Bitbucket are my favored repositories. I host on Heroku and AWS.

On the web, I’ve implemented Devise, Oath, and Devise_Invitable for authentication. I often extend Twitter Bootstrap for the front end. PostgreSQL is my DB of choice. An activity I enjoy is iterating on database schemas in support of complex relationships.

In mobile, I’ve implemented NSRails, userVoice, Flurry, and iAds. My first iPhone app smoov released October 2013.

Regarding design, I’m seeking pixel-perfect patience. I do not believe “less is more”, but do believe more can be presented in less.


– Graduate of Seattle’s selective CodeFellows Ruby on Rails development bootcamp.
– Launched social-playlist.com with @lostincode.
– Served as a teacher’s assistant for CodeFellows’ first all-women Ruby on Rails bootcamp.
– Launched noujob.com with @codingrecipes.
– My blog post “Ruby Version Manager (RVM) Overview for Rails Newbs” was included in Michael Hartl’s essential Ruby on Rails Tutorial.
– Founded StrandCode LLC serving clients in both Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.
– My blog post “Breaking Down Bluetooth in Objective-C and iOS7 was the featured article on iosDeveloperTips.com
– Since releasing in July 2013, my blog averages over 50 views per day serving a peak day over 300 views.
– Graduate of iOS bootcamp at CodeFellows.
– Launched first iPhone app smoov.

Prior to writing code, I had a 15 year career in Corporate Finance and Enterprise IT. I worked at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and Microsoft. I also have an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Washington (Seattle) and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh). There are lots of sub-chapters to this story, if you’re interested it’s on LinkedIn.

My Goals: To pursue excellence and creativity in software development. To make essential software experiences. To share meaningful work experiences. To serve my family.

Online Presence

Mail: I use Hotmail because it’s better.

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