I’m glad you are here. I created this site in 2013 to write about my journey learning to code in Ruby on Rails and Objective-C. Below are links to all my posts. I’m still writing about technology, but now doing so at strand-consulting.com

Easily, my most popular posts were the three below. Specifically, the Bluetooth post got shared by a few decently-followed iOS developers on Twitter and the RVM for Newbs post was actually footnoted in Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial for a brief period.

Breaking Down Bluetooth in Objective-C and iOS7

My last post After the Install: Scenario-Based RVM Best Practices was over a month ago. Since then, I’ve been immersed in an iOS bootcamp. Today’s post has been my first chance to come up for air and share a bit about what I’ve learned. Similar to Rails, my journey into iOS has come with a […]

Ruby Version Manager (RVM) Overview for Rails Newbs

RVM Overview and Installation In someone’s first few hours as a Ruby on Rails developer, they will likely be encouraged to install Ruby Version Manager (commonly known as RVM). RVM is a free, powerful tool for creating and easily moving between Ruby and Ruby Gem combinations. It’s important for the newb to understand that you […]

Embedding Devise Forms in Twitter Bootstrap Modals

In my previous post Top 10 Gems for new Rails Devs, I covered both the Devise and Twitter Bootstrap gems. Each of these gems is great at what they respectively do (authentication, design/styling). In this post, I’ll bring @plataformatec and @seyhunak‘s gifts together and easily put Devise sign-in and sign-up forms into Twitter Bootstrap modals. […]

It doesn’t see much traffic anymore, but at its peak in 2015 the site saw 4,000 views and 600 visitors a month.

Thanks for visiting!

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